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    Your total solution provider for Steel. With extensive experience in executing EPC plants, Tannoy offers the largest breadth of solutions throughout the steel supply chain.
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    Your total solution provider for Steel. With extensive experience in executing EPC plants, Tannoy offers the largest breadth of solutions throughout the steel supply chain.
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    Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Management Solutions (EPCM)
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    Building on Market and Geographic Diversity
    Your total solution provider for Steel. With extensive experience in executing EPC plants, Tannoy offers the largest breadth of solutions throughout the steel supply chain.


Everyday, everywhere Tannoy understands and meets challanges of the Steel Industry



We are everywhere you are – with our team to meet your challenge. Tannoy is build with global responsibilities. With a firm focus on excellence, commitment and customer oriented approach, we strive to provide customers with technology and services that have a positive effect on the world we are living in.


Risk Management

Tannoy executes large Steel projects with multiple scopes. We value that skill as a core competence. By combining our EPC capability with project forecasting and planning, we strive for flawless execution, reducing risk to project schedules, costs and safety.

Life Cycle

Capital productivity

Tannoy!s services and products enhance your project from the early stage to commissioning. We operate locally while drawing support from Tannoy!s resources around the globe. A partnership with Tannoy provides world-class expertise and continuity.

Enabling Technologies

Operational Profitability

Our Steel plants take advantage of best of technologies that provide fully integrated power and automation solutions with open interconnectivity to business and export systems. They achieve major contributions to safety, profitability and enhanced resource recovery.

About Us

TANNOY PROJECT CONSULTANTS is a world’s leading engineering, procurement, construction and project management company. Over the past two decades, Tannoy has become a trusted global partner in providing exceptional services and technical knowledge across a broad range of industries. Clients rely on Tannoy to deliver world-class solutions that optimize their assets, improve their competitive position and increase their long-term business success. Tannoy’s primary objective is to develop and execute projects on schedule, within budget and with excellence. We operate in the Steel contracting business through a devoted Centre of Excellence, delivering turnkey plants to the Steel Plants. We offer integrated services including multi-disciplinary engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning & start-up, maintenance engineering and global service. Our extensive portfolio of projects makes Tannoy one of the most experienced and successful contractors in the engineering, procurement and construction services. We are particularly conversant with projects located in remote and often environmentally hostile regions of the world, where the logistical constraints of moving procured equipment, bulk materials, construction equipment and labour to multiple work-fronts creates a major challenge. We have also learned to cope with difficult and time-consuming customs controls and inland freight management in various countries around the world.

Tannoy Project Consultants (TPC) was established in 1980 and is headquartered in the financial capital of India, Mumbai. Operating through its local subsidiaries, the company assists clients in different countries develop projects on a turnkey basis covering every aspect of the venture starting from conceptualization to commissioning. It offers the following services:
    Setting up new projects
    Expand established projects
    Plan and execute product diversification in plants
    Streamline operations for higher productivity, enhanced quality and cost control
    Incorporate value added products like export oriented or import substitution items coupled with achieving ISO 9000 or higher status
    Upgrade technology and arrange collaborations
    Manpower recruitment and training
    Arrange technological collaborations to augment exports to developed countries
    Standardize use and optimize yield of the use of coalbased sponge iron as a major percentage of charge mix

Steel Companies are our customers. We are proud of our ability to find the proper solution, regardless of design, time or cost.


*Note: Click on image to enlarge

Arcelor Mittal, Ranipet, Tamil Nadu

We have constructed a precision fabrication plant for heavy steel plate components for Arcelor Mittal under the name of Arcelor Mittal Dhamm Steel Processing P Ltd located in Ranipet, Tamil Nadu. Inspired by a French plant, the construction of 15000 square meter factory was completed in a little over 5 months along a 11000ton mechanized steel storage yard with complete infrastructural facilities like electrification, roads, boundary wall and gates in a 24 acre plant. This unit is producing components for major infrastructure machinery companies. These include power industry companies like, BHEL, NTPC; Railways outfits like ABB, Siemens, Bombardier; Earth Moving Machines like Caterpillar, BEML and other prime units. More units are planned in areas like Nasik and Chani near Baroda among other major industrial establishments.

Machine Assemblies adhering to the most stringent specifications
Consumables for regular operations of the plant installed

Universal Mining & Chemical Industries, Zambia

We are currently working on one of the biggest ventures in our history for Universal Mining & Chemical Industries, Zambia. The planned production is 200,000 TPA in the first phase. This phase includes the following equipment:

25/30 ton Arc Furnace with a 20 MVA transformer
25/30 ton Ladle Furnace with a 6 MVA transformer
3 Strand 6m/11meter Continuous Casting Machine to cast billets from 100x100 mm up to 200x200 mm blooms and slabs TMT cum Wire rod mill to manufacture TMT from 8mm to 40 mm
Coiler to produce 6 mm to 12 mm, 325 kg. Coils for wire drawing industry
In the second phase, we will reach a production of 500,000 TPA, after the addition of:
2 nos. 350 TPD Coal Based Sponge Iron Kilns
500,000 ton per annum Ore Pelletisation Plant
Additional melting furnaces
Fully automatic bar & coil mill
Heavy section Structural Mill upto 533mm x 250mm
2 Ferro Alloy Furnaces to manufacture: Ferro Manganese of 12 MW power & Silico Manganese of 12 MW power

Peekay Steel, Calicut, Kerala

Peekay Steel, Calicut, Kerala is a major producer of High Grade Castings & TMT Bars. Complex Castings and Special Steel Billets & Construction Bars are manufactured. Returns scrap from the foundry and fresh scrap are re-melted in this 12-ton furnace, taken to the 20 ton Bottom Blown Converter installed, to refined molten metal via the converter to all grades from Carbon Steel, Complex Alloy Steels & Stainless Steels. The products are mainly complicated valve body casting ranging from 15 kilos to 15000 kilos are manufactured. These castings are subjected to the most stringent testing for soundness including 100% X-ray quality certification. The chemistry generated in pin pointed to the customers specification with Ultra Low sulphur & Phosphorus and finish with Low Controlled Oxygen, Nitrogen & Hydrogen levels in the liquid steel. This convertor is the first one to manufacture all grades of steel from Mild Steel through low & high Alloy Steels all the way to all grades of Stainless Steels FOR THE FIRST TIME. The result is cleaner products and attendant higher productivity of 50-60% with substantial deduction in power costs. Peekay Steel today is considered one of the 10 best foundries in the world and has customers like Siemens, Alstron, Audco, L & T, NTPC, NHPC, Flowserve, etc. Dr. Degani first brought the concept of secondary refining using the convertor from W. Germany in 1984 and was initially accepted only for Stainless Steel production.

Vedik Ispat at Hindupur, Andhra Pradesh

Tannoy executed a turnkey project for the company’s plant in Hindupur. It manufactures 375 mm x 130 mm slabs, which are rolled into 2-ton coils of 1.5 mm thickness sheet for pipes. Tannoy was engaged to commison the steel plant.

The Liberty Group, London

For the Liberty Group based in London and Dubai, several steel plant locations are being explored as follows: Liberty Steel, Khartoum, Sudan In the company’s rolling mill unit, we plan to manufacture billets of 100 mm x 100 mm size to roll steel ribbed bar for their existing rolling mill and conversion at jobbing mills. several other projects are in planning in India for advanced hot strip technology, Saudi for a steel plant. Projects are on hold due to market conditions Future planning for mills will depend on market conditions. The unit being taken over operates induction furnaces and one vertical and one horizontal centrifugal casting machines for the manufacture of rolls of a range of grades of steel. Liberty will enhance the market range of products, add secondary refining to improve liquid metal chemistry and increase product size and production capacity Liberty Steel Siam, Kayong Industrial Land in Thailand the plan is to set up a 4000,000 TPA plant with 2 no. 30 ton Induction furnaces, a 50 ton converter and a 3 strand 6/11 meter radius caster to produce slabs up to 350 mm x 150 mm slabs. An 80-ton per hour rolling is being planned for sheets down to 1 mm thickness.

BLA Industries, Bihar

BLA Industries owns a coalmine in Bihar where the coal quality is ideally suited for Blast Furnace operation. The Company has taken over a blast furnace unit in Dhanbad. Tannoy has prepared a scheme to convert the molten pig iron to quality steel grades then cast billets and blooms. The first phase of setting up the following has started:

Operation of the coal mine
A coal washing unit
A non recovery coal to coke oven battery
Reconditioning and start up of the mini blast furnaces

In Phase II, Tannoy will install a complete steel plant to manufacture all grades of steel from Mild Steel, for construction, Low Alloy Steels all the way up to Stainless Steel. These billets and blooms will be rolled into semis products like
Round cornered squares for the forging industry
Rounds for shafting
Small rounds for the bright bar industry
SS for sheets and rounds

Dharni Sampada, Cote d’Iviore, West Africa

Tannoy is working with M/s. Dharni Sampada, Cote d’Iviore, West Africa to setup two 9. MVA Submerged Arc Furnaces. The company is in the business of mining Manganese ore in the remote area of the country for the past six-seven years. They are planning to convert the ore to Ferro Manganese and Ferro Manganese. Tannoy is working on setting up the units on a turnkey basis with total engineering and has commenced site work. We have also proposed to carry out the fabrication of 4000 tons of all steel structures in all the company’s fabrication units around the port of Mumbai. This includes the fabrication of the furnace shell with a diameter of about 9 meters and a height of more than 5 meters. The shell would be fully fabricated in our Ambarnath works, then marked and spilt and reassembled at site. The project has been delayed due to political unrest in the country.

Rayalseema Steel Re-rolling Mills, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

This company plans to manufacture blooms of different sizes to roll steel profile sections in their existing mills. Tannoy has been engaged to execute a turnkey solution for their plant in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.


*Note: Click on image to enlarge

The end user product line will be different for each plant as governed by the rolling facilities. We install technologies include:
    Establishment of both Arc & Induction Furnaces
    Secondary making processes like Ladle Furnaces, Bottom Blown Converters, Ladle Injection and Vacuum Systems
    Steel billet and ingot of mild steel as well as alloy and stainless steels making units
    Rolling mills
    Forging units
    Electrometallurgical plant for the manufacture of Ferro Alloys
    Manufacture of Low Carbon Ferro Alloys like Chromium, Molybdenum, Manganese and other high value alloys.
    Industrial gases plant

    CNC Construction machinery

    Solar energy installation

    ERW Pipe making unit.
     Corrugated sheet plant.
     Wire drawing units for all wire products.
     Unit to manufacture high tensile & commercial quality fasteners
     Casting units for steel as well as non-ferrous metals, with amachine centers
    We can also supply you with all types of
        Machine assemblies, all to the most stringent specifications
        Consumables for regular operations of plant


Mr. Amin Degani

Dr Amin Degani has extensive steel consulting and project development experience of over 30 years and has worked on turn key installation of plants, equipment design and research & development of new alloys and innovative new processes for the global steel industry under his flagship company “Tannoy Project Consultants”. Dr Degani started his career back in 1970, with his first venture Vanguard Industries in Pittsburgh to make Titanium and Titanium alloy metal powders for manufacturing of powder metal parts for Jet Engine and Turbine Blades. The company jumped from a turnover of $6000/annum to a turnover of $250,000 in just one year. He executed his first turn key assignment for Sai Baba Casting P. Ltd in 1990. Since then, he has worked on plants for Piramal Steels, Mukand Iron & Steel, Viraj Alloys Limited, Anik Steels, New Bombay Ispat, DRM Steel Industries, Dandeli Ferro Alloys, Dandeli, Strong Steels, Ambica Steels, Echjay Industries, K. Sons Tubing, Panchmahal Steels, Lovson Exports, S.R.M. Steel, to name a few. Dr Degani has been a Professor at Harvey Mudd College & Cal Poly, California. He pursued his Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D.] (Material Science) from Mellon University, Pittsburgh, U.S.A, Masters of Science (Process & Extractive Metallurgy), Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, U.S.A and Bachelors Of Engineering (Metallurgy) From Poona University. He also completed his Post Doctoral Fellow at University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

Mr. Dilip Mehta

Mr. Mehta is a steel industry specialist and has had more than 25 years as a consultant in the steel industry. He has successfully carried out several Electrical projects for Indian Air Force, NDDB (National Dairy Development Board), Board), BARC, Nuclear Power Corporation, Tarapur Atomic Power station, Essel Packaging, Midas Steel, N.N. Ship Building, Gulf Air, Grass Steel, Raymond Woolen Mill, Essel World (Amusement Park), Tikuji-Ni-Wadi (Amusement Park), Water kingdom (Water Amusement Theme park). Jindal Iron & Steel, Singh Electrosteel, DRM Steel Industries, Padma Alloy Castings, Vaishnodevi Steel, Saibaba Castings, Mini steel plant in Khartoum, Sudan, Excel Industries, etc. He has completed his Electrical Engineering Degree from Shivaji University, India.

Mr. Milind Patil

Mr. Patil is a highly experienced Structural Engineering Consultant, with a totally experience of more than 23 years. Has worked on more than 100 projects of varied nature. Main projects include steel & engineering; i.e. Universal Mining & Chemical Industries, Lusaka, Zambia; Arcelormittal, Ranipet; Peekay Steels, Kerala; Vedik Ispat, Hindupur, A.P. Rayalseema Structures, Hydeabad; BLA Coke, Dhanbad; Shanti Alloys, Hindupur, Viraj Alloys, Mr. Milind Patil Tarapur among others. He has completed his degree in B.E (Civil) M E Structures.

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